Monday, October 29, 2012

Steps to Writing a Great Paragraph

This strategy will teach you how to write a paragraph with appropriate details. This template is designed to provide you with sequential steps for creating a perfect paragraph.
A paragraph consists of three parts: topic sentence, supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence. Wow! Did you hear that? Just think about that fact for a minute. We use thousands of words, and if we organize them into three parts, we will have a perfect paragraph.
Topic sentence - A topic sentence tells the reader what to expect in the paragraph that follows. It introduces the main idea. For this reason it is important to practice writing them in order to let your reader know what is coming up. An easy way to write topic sentence is start with a list. Making lists is a great way to generate and organize ideas for your topic sentence. For example:
Come up with five things related to these topics: colors, kinds of weather, insects.
Next, turn your topic into a sentence. For example:
Fruit comes in many different colors.
Once you organized your ideas, you can to begin to write a paragraph. A paragraph is a group of sentences about the same topic. After you have written list, you can turn your ideas into sentences.
Supporting details - Supporting details support your topic by telling more about it. You can begin by taking the list you made above and turning them into sentences. Choose three of your best items for your supporting sentences. Supporting details only has three sentences. For example:
Fruit comes in many different colors.
Supporting details
1. apple
2. banana
3. pear
Make a sentence for each one.
Apple - Apples are red, green and yellow.
Banana - Bananas are yellow.
Pear - Pears are green and brown.
Write supporting details for the topic "colors".
Concluding sentences - Concluding sentences provides one final idea about your topic. It can tell how you feel or what you think about your topic. For example:
Fruit comes in many different colors.
Supporting details
1. Apples are red, green and yellow.
2. Bananas are yellow.
3. Pears are green and brown.
Concluding Sentence
I like to look at different types of fruit.
Write a concluding for the topic "color"
That's how easy it is to write a paragraph. Use the template below to help you write a great paragraph.
The Paragraph
Directions: Think of a topic. Write it on the line provided. List five things that correspond to the title and circle three of your favorite from the list.
1. _______________________

Directions: Turn your topic into a topic sentence.
Directions: Turn your ideas from above into supporting sentences.
1. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
2. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
3. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

Directions: Turn your topic sentence into a concluding sentence.
Directions: Write paragraph

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  1. Great idea! As a special ed teacher, I am always looking for more ways to teach material. Thanks for the tips!